• • Ideal decoration or gift for the festive period<br />• Rustic and natural finish with various cutout designs<br />• Hand crafted exterior from reclaimed Birch bark<br />• Glass Interior to protect outside from any internal flames<br />• Each lantern comes with included tea-light, but also suitable for small candles<br />• 5.95 Each
  • • The barometer frame is hand turned
   in top quality wood<br />• Far superior to others that are offered
   for general sale<br />• A beautiful and functional addition
   to any home<br />• Barometers include a short history
   of the tree the case was made from<br />• All our barometers come with a lifetime warranty<br />• Now with 15 Off all sizes
  • • Each owl is individually carved and
   unique in its make-up<br />• Set in a natural Jempinis log with its original bark intact and often covered in lichen<br />• Creates a wonderfully outdoorsy feel to any room or garden area <br />• Thoroughly treated in Teak Oil to protect it from the elements - ready to hang inside or out<br />• Prices start at 9.95
  • • Beautifully hand carved.<br />• Smoke drifts out of the dragon's nose.<br />• Includes two incense cones and ceramic pot.<br />•  Comes in small, medium and large sizes.<br />• Also available as a family.<br />• Prices start at 8.00
  • • Carefully crafted hand-made<br />puzzle boxes<br />• There is something for everyone...from Ducks to Butterflies and Footballs to Horses<br />• Comes with a secret lock, which when found, enables you to open it like a puzzle<br />• Concealed inside is a small compartment lined in red flock - ideal for hiding away treasured possessions<br />• A huge variety for 16.95
  • • Hand carved in wood, the Green Man
   is an ancient symbol of strength and fertility<br />• Comes with a label on the reverse describing the origin of the symbol<br />• Your Green Man carving will arrive ready to hang<br />• Use him as a wall decoration or good luck charm outdoors or indoors<br />• Prices start at 10


Decorated with hand carved


Balancing Dragonflies

Floating on the tip of your finger 4.00 each

Timber-Treasures Barometers

Puzzle Boxes

Hand crafted in a variety of designs.
Only 16.95